Facebook Forms New AI Team At Israel R&D Center

Facebook has formed a brand new Artificial Intelligence research team which will work out from the organization’s R&D center in Tel Aviv, Haaretz reported this week. The 10 person group, called Data. AI, will concentrate on machine learning algorithms that could improve the organization’s internal interface and create new tools for data analysis, the business said in a statement cited by CTech by Calcalist. The team will work to create Facebook’s infrastructure more intelligent and more capable of learning from previous knowledge to be able to help engineers solve problems, predict future events and issues, and attain relevant data quickly, according to the report.

Facebook’s R&D Center employs some 200 people and set up shop in a brand new office at Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Sarona Tower. The organization’s Israeli operations are headquartered on Rothschild Boulevard.

Condition of AI

Based on a latest report, AI is a significant source of development for the tech market. Israel is home to over 1, 000 businesses, academic research centers, and multinational R&D centers specializing in AI, including those who develop core AI technology, and also those who utilize AI technology for their perpendicular relevant products like in healthcare, cybersecurity, automotive, and manufacturing among others, in accordance with the Start-Up Nation Central report.

Israeli companies increased almost 40 percent of the total venture capital funds increased by the Israeli technology ecosystems for 2018, despite accounting for only 17 percent of the total number of technologies businesses in the nation, the report noted. The SNC report noted that a number of events at 2018 fostered the AI ecosystem at Israel, including the launch of a brand new Center for artificial intelligence from Intel and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, and the statement by US technology giant Nvidia it too was launching a brand new AI research center. Numerous high profile AI products developed by teams working for multinationals were also unveiled this year.

In May, Google came out with Google Duplex, a system for conducting natural sounding conversations developed by Yaniv Leviathan engineer, and Yossi Matias, VP of engineering and also the managing director of Google’s R&D Center at Tel Aviv. And in July 2018, IBM introduced Project Debater, a system based on artificial intelligence that may debate humans, developed over six years in IBM’s Haifa research division in Israel. Earlier this year, the Israel Innovation Authority cautioned that despite business accomplishments, Israel was lagging behind others nations Regarding investment in AI infrastructure and desperately needed a national AI strategy to maintain its advantage. The IIA called for the consolidation of all sectors – government, academia, and business – to establish a vision and strategy on AI to the Israeli economy.

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