Infosys To Combine Huawei Cloud Partner Network

Huawei Cloud and Infosys have signed a memorandum on tactical cooperation to help enterprise clients transition fast to the electronic cloud. As part of the agreement, Infosys will join the HUAWEI CLOUD partner network. And two companies will develop new cloud solutions using HUAWEI CLOUD along with Infosys services and products to help customers firmly adopt advanced cloud based systems to get their enterprise workloads. The HCPN is a global affiliate program. Made to help HCPN partners build achievement on HUAWEI CLOUD by offering services, and technical, marketing and management service. The HCPN also empowers HUAWEI CLOUD clients to identify top quality HCPN partners that provide value added services and solutions on HUAWEI CLOUD.

From the end of 2018, the number of HCPN partners exceeded 6, 000 and thru co-operation with these partners HUAWEI CLOUD has added 2, 800 applications that can be found in 40 availability areas in 23 geographic regions throughout the globe including Asia Pacific, China, Russia, and South Africa. With more than 3 decades of experience in developing ICT infrastructure and also a profound grasp of the enterprise market, we think Huawei has the abilities to supply, secure, sustainable and advanced cloud services to a wide ranging industries, allowing our customers to accelerate cloud migration and drive business development. We expect to further expand the HCPN partner ecosystem by identifying and developing partners like Infosys with profound consulting experience.

During our collaboration, we’ll ensure smooth project delivery, optimize operational expenses, reduce transformational risks and create business value for our clients, stated President of Huawei Cloud Global Market, Edward Deng. Mixing HUAWEI CLOUD product innovation and the strengths of Infosys in the next generation electronic services, we’ll helps our customers accelerate their transition into the cloud. As part of the engagement, we’ll offer a package of technology hosted on HUAWEI CLOUD, like workload migration solutions such as SAP and other enterprise workloads, stated Ravi Kumar S., President, Infosys. Infosys has extensive experience in the next generation electronic services and consulting and together with HUAWEI CLOUD’s capacities, we’ll help enterprises accelerate their electronic transformation and gain a competitive advantage in their industries, stated President of Huawei Cloud Global Market, Edward Deng.

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