SAP to offer its business programs on Google Cloud

SAP says it’s teaming up with Google to allow clients to run its business applications in google cloud while supplying technology giant suite of internet based desktop programs to users. Germany’s SAP is teaming up with Silicon Valley giant Google to allow clients to operate SAP Business software on Google’s cloud while offering Google’s suite of internet based desktop programs to users, the business said on Wednesday. Appearing on stage in Next Google conference in California, Bernd Leukert, SAP executive board member in charge of merchandise and innovation, is set to declare the 2 companies are also working on joint machine learning initiatives to be unveiled in SAP’s own user conference in May.

SAP has moved in the past few years to promote the multinational base of clients using its planning along with other business applications to switch from traditional packaged applications running on customers own computers to cloud delivery. SAP, Europe’s largest technology company, said its flagship HANA database applications was now running on the google cloud platform in order for clients to discover real time insights employing data that was big from their operations on a grand scale. The pact will allow clients to run SAP’s strong database from laptops along with other memory constrained computers utilizing streamlined HANA Express Edition software, while off loading more complicated tasks to Google’s cloud shipping platform.

SAP also said it was working within the next two months to make its own cloud system ready to operate On the Google cloud, allowing programmers to take benefit of its containerization characteristics that enable technicians to automate software updates. SAP also plans to provide Google’s G Suite of business productivity programs including Gmail and Google Calendar at its own base of clients of more than 345, 000 businesses, which comprises almost 90 percent of the world’s 2, 000 largest firms. This business collaboration reflects a bidding by leading internet companies like Google and Apple to move into the business applications markets where SAP is a powerhouse enabling organizations to run on the emerging industrial net. Separately, SAP agreed last year with Apple at let its 2.5 million corporate developers to build SAP programs That operate on iPhone and iPad tablets. Toward that end, they plan to establish a new software development kit for developers this month.

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