Software may benefit from AI and improved user experience tweaks

The upcoming releases make use of Salesforce’s Einstein and UX makeover.
FinancialForce has given a sneak peek into what users may expect when the Fall release of its product collection arrives a month. The cloud based program firm utilized Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, California this week to showcase the enhancements which lie just around the corner for its PSA, Subscription & Usage Billing, and Financial Management products. Next month FinancialForce will announce substantial product improvements for its Fall 2018 Release, including analytics products based on the Salesforce Einstein analytics platform, as well as another generation quad user experience across the portfolio, the company said on its website.

Powered by Salesforce Einstein, FinancialForce Analytics delivers artificial intelligence layer and a unified data, empowering users to derive predictions and recommendations using an unlimited business situations and an entire, aggregated view of client and business data. The adjustments will provide users with one aggregated view of information and enable visitors to benefit from predictions and recommendations based on, FinancialForce stated business situations. FinancialForce PSA will come with a revised user experience which has been optimized by Salesforce’s Lightning Platform. Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics tool has also been deployed to improve information and visibility research through billing, backlog, capacity and usage actions.

Among other new features, users may benefit from pre built, but customizable toolbars which make use of a unified data model specifies PSA, financial management and CRM to help account lifecycle management. Multiple revenue flow management is being added to its Subscription & Usage Billing product, which makes it easy for system management of subscription services, intake, utilization and billing for goods that are tangible. Lastly, the next iteration of the company’s Financial Management service will deliver with it function based dashboards and production financial reporting based on insights gleaned from Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein. A revitalised UX also makes an appearance, in an attempt to help companies reduce client churn and increase earnings that is predictable. Significantly, the UX is customisable, with users having the ability to trigger controlled and managed Lightning applications and productivity tools as well as incorporate with Outlook/Gmail.

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